"la belle endormie"

A city that has always been appreciated for its vineyards, its classic and contemporary architecture, its overall urban design and its gastronomy, Bordeaux is increasingly valued for its artistic and cultural effervescence. Today, it has come to symbolise French lifestyle, energy and dynamism on the broader international stage.

Whether for dining, entertainment or just for dreaming, Bordeaux still keeps a few carefully-hidden secrets... Leave the well-trodden pathways and discover some of the city’s more unusual and fascinating spots and its original forms of transport. It’s time to discover another side of Bordeaux!

So why not let us put together a visit to Bordeaux, one that is urban & trendy, or chic and unique steeped in history and tradition.

Opt for a city stay that dares to be different, one that is certain to surprise and amaze your colleagues or friends.

In Details

Sophisticated and classic yet modern and contemporary, Bordeaux reveals its many different facets with a “chicness” the French master so well. Visit Bordeaux and you’ll fall under the charm of a town rich in heritage, a town where life is good...

Pratical informations

Listed as a world heritage site by UNESCO in 2007, Lonely Planet has recently named it THE town to explore, crowning it as being the most trendy, vibrant and exciting!

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